The True Story Why Roman Reigns is Called The Tribal Chief

Roman Reigns enjoys his position as arguably one of the most dominant WWE Superstars we have seen since Goldberg and Brock Lesnar.

Reigns has come a long way since being a member of The Shied, being called the Big Dog, among other various nicknames that have been attributed to him.

However, Roman Reigns, the Tribal Chief stands apart and has plummeted him to the absolute top of pro-wrestling.

How did Roman Reigns get the name, the Tribal Chief? The reason is quite simple, Reigns wanted to establish his position not just as the face of the Samoan tribe, but also the WWE.

So it goes without saying, it all began with Reigns feuding against the Usos in a bid to demand their respect and acknowledge him as the Tribal Chief.

Reigns' belongs to the legendary Samoan family, and with the Rock now out of active in-ring competition, Roman Reigns has proclaimed himself as the "Head of the Table".

Remember when the Rock passed the baton to Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble? It's quite evident why even the Rock doesn't have any problem with Reigns calling himself the Tribal Chief.

"It feels good. There's a lot of truth to what we put into the Tribal Chief character, the burden of the crown, of being the face of the company." Roman Reigns has said on his Tribal Chief gimmick.

Moreover, the moniker establishes Reigns' position as the face of the WWE; something WWE was trying for years.

Why didn't Roman Reigns not introduce himself as the Tribal Chief in his WWE debut? Well the reason is simple, it wasn't time yet, believes Paul Heyman.

"It has to be groundbreaking. It has to be history-making. I just kept going back to 'power,' I just want to be viewed as the most powerful superstar of all time, when it comes to WWE and sports entertainment." Reigns has said on his Tribal Chief character.

Reigns' has cemented his position as arguably the most dominant pro-wrestler of all time. It's safe to say, he will go down as an all-time great.

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