The Ugly Rivalry

The beef between UFC Lightweight Goat, Khabib Nurmagomedov  and former title contender,  Nate Diaz  has been boiling for quite some time now.


The Freud began began in 2015, At the  World Series of Fighting. When Khabib and his teammates took a photo of  Nate Diaz standing in a odd position without his permission.  Then Later on Nate Diaz  slapped Khabib and a huge altercation  began between the Diaz brother's and Khabib's Teammates.

UFC 205  Khabib Interview

Khabib was the clearly the no.1 contender to challenge Eddie Alveraz.  But Instead the Title shot was given to McGregor, who was coming off a war with Nate Diaz. Hence Khabib was upset about it and spoke against Diaz. 


In 2019 at UFC-239,  Diaz and Khabib once again met, this time at the T-Mobile Arena. But there was only verbal trash talk and further altercation was prevented by the security.

Khabib vs Diaz

This rivalry seems to be filled with bad blood, Which promises to be one of the biggest selling PPVs  all time. But Nate Diaz has constantly been reluctant towards fighting Khabib. However, Nate's Jiu-Jitsu can cause a lot of trouble to Khabib's Grappling heavy style.

However, Khabib's Retirement has  put an end to this super fight and the rivalry.