The Undertaker Sends Message to Roman Reigns Ahead of WrestleMania 38

The Undertaker is one of the Greatest Of All Time; no doubt about it.

Since debuting for WWE at Survivor Series 1990, The Deadman has become the measuring stick for Sports Entertainers.

He defeated Hulk Hogan to become WWF Champion in his first year with the company, and has gone on to beat almost every other big name in the company since.

His 21-match Undefeated Streak at WrestleMania was the Greatest in Sports Entertainment History; and yes, we're counting Jade Cargill & Goldberg.

His wars with Triple H & Shawn Michaels are the stuff of legends; truly marking the End of an Era in WWE.

The Undertaker has a combined reign of 448 days across his various World Title Runs.

Roman Reigns has far surpassed that number  with his current, 600+ day reign as the Universal Champion.

It's the longest championship reign in 34 years; the last one being Hulk Hogan's 4-year-reign as WWF Champion from 1984-1988.

The Deadman acknowledged this monumental achievement in his expert analysis of the Biggest Main Event in WrestleMania History.

“To have the title that long, it means you’re putting asses in seats .. It’s a testament to his presentation of what he’s doing that it’s working .. I’m really proud of Roman” , said The Phenom ahead of Reigns' 'Mania encounter with Lesnar.

The Deadman also added that he thinks Reigns would smash and stack Lesnar for the win in the main event, just like he did last year with Edge & Daniel Bryan.

If Reigns manages to prove him correct, he would solidify himself as one of the Greatest WWE Superstars of All Time. Plus, it's good to see that The Undertaker Acknowledges his Tribal Chief.

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While The Phenom is a 7x World Champion and a Hall of Fall Inductee for the Class of 2022, there's something even he hasn't achieved.