The  Notorious Hair Styles of Conor McGregor   

"The Notorious"  Conor McGregor is the most Polarizing Figure in the History of Combat Sports. Here's a Look some of  Conor McGregor's Hair Styles.

Bald Fade Undercut

 Conor McGregor had this Bald fade undercut in the early 2015, which matches perfectly with his beard.

McGregor's Buzzcut from UFC 202 Press Conference

McGregor's Ponytail Bun In 2014, For UFC 179 Against Dustin Poirier

Conor McGregor had this Temp Fade with Side Slick cut for the Mayweather boxing match in 2017.

Long Hair

Conor McGregor had this Long Hair Style during during Mid 2015, It was seen and amazed many fans at UFC 189, When Conor became the Interim Featherweight Champion.

High Fade Messy Waves


McGregor decided to become completely bald before UFC 257.

Bald-No Hair

Conor  McGregor had  Short Quiff  Style for UFC-194 Post-Fight  Press Conference