These Images of Cody Rhodes Fighting With a Torn Pec Are Incredible!

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins put on a masterclass at WWE Hell in a Cell.

The epic rivalry between Rhodes and Rollins finally came to a close at WWE Hell in a Cell with Cody Rhodes picking up a victory via pinfall.

While Rollins' incredible performance deserves all the praise, it was Cody Rhodes who stole the show fighting off a serious injury.

Cody Rhodes fought with a torn pec in his right hand at WWE Hell in a Cell.

Cody Rhodes suffered the gruesome injury during a live event. Rhodes was cleared to compete at Hell in a Cell despite the injury.

Rhodes wins it 3-0 against rollins

Cody Rhodes picked up an incredible win over Seth Rollins to go 3-0 to put an end to their rivalry.


He was welcomed with huge support from the WWE Universe on the following episode of RAW.

However, it did not come with a cost as reports indicate that Cody Rhodes could be out of action for almost six months.

Credit to Cody Rhodes and his love for professional wrestling.

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