Conor McGregor Celebrates The Birthday Of His Youngest Child

Conor McGregor is viewed as the biggest star in the MMA world.

But his personal and professional personas seems to be poles apart.

McGregor earlier today shared snippets of the celebration of his youngest boy's 1st birthday via instagram.

He captioned the post - "Happy 1st birthday Rian McGregor, daddy loves you so much."

This isn't the first time The notorious has proven he is a true family man.

Conor doesn't shy away from sharing appreciation posts for his family.

He shared a post earlier this month with his family and captioned it "I feel like the richest man alive and it has nothing to do with money."

Conor and his fiance Dee Devlin welcomed their third child last year.

The couple is parents to three children- Conor Jr, Croia and Rian.

They welcomed their first child in 2017 and the second, two years later.

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