These Images of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer Are Certain to Melt Every Tennis Fan’s  Heart

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are undoubtedly two of the greatest tennis players ever and have shared a total of 41 Grand Slams.

But along with their fierce battles they also share a good bond and have mutual respect.

Both Nadal and Federer have inspired each other and helped to be better people on and off the court.

The fans have gone crazy after Nadal and Federer have confirmed that they both will reunite to participate in Laver Cup 2022.

Federer said, “I am definitely up for a Laver Cup ‘Fedal’ comeback.”

After Nadal won his 21st Grand Slam Federer posted saying "To my friend and great rival, Rafael Nadal, heartfelt congratulations on becoming the first man to win 21 Grand Slam singles titles.”

This is one of the most heartfelt moments where Federer helps Nadal with his suit and tells him that he looks very sharp before the Laver Cup.

In picture: Rafael Nadal launch The Rafael Nadal Academy which involves tennis, fitness, and education for the future of the youth.

Roger Federer made a guest appearance during the launch of Nadal's academy.

Federer mentioned that Nadal was the most influential player he ever met and made Federer the player he is today.