Sneak Peek Into Serena Williams' NIKE Building

Serena Williams, is undoubtedly one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Being signed by Nike is a dream of every athlete. Same was the case for Serena.

While she was young she had visited the Nike campus and decided that she wanted  a building of her own in the NIKE campus.

In 2003 she achieved her childhood dream by signing a 5 year contract from Nike worth $40 million.

Recently Nike launched the largest building in its campus and named it as Serena Williams Building in her honour.

Lets take a look on some of the amazing features Nike built in this building.

The building is a total of 1 million sq. ft. which is actually the size of 140 tennis courts.

The building has her favourite colour which purple and her favourite flower, rose.

The building has a 140 seat Olympia theatre which is named after her daughter.

As Serena has won a total of 23 Grand Slams, the building has made 23 glass columns for each of her Grand Slam.