These Images Of Tony Ferguson Proves He is the "Boogeyman"

Tony Ferguson is one of the most violent fighters in UFC.

Ferguson doesn't shy away from going berzerk in the octagon.

Here are some images from the time El Cucuy stained the octagon in red that will send chills down the spine-

Tony Ferguson fearlessly taunting Josh Thomson at Fight Night 71.

Tony showered his adversary and himself with blood and eventually won the fight.

El Cucuy's bloody battle with Anthony Pettis is one of the most unforgettable fights in UFC.

It was at UFC 229, Tony was awarded by TKO win after the fight went out of hand with both the fighters drenched in blood.

No amount of damage can stop El Cucuy from going any further.

Ferguson knows no bounds when he steps in the octagon -

..And it has left some terrorising impacts on his opponents too.

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