Paddy Pimblett's Fat Photos After His Fight Will Shock You

UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett is rising as the fan favourite with every coming fight.

He has taken the MMA world by storm with his unusual yet interesting presence in the octagon.

'The Baddy' scored a phenomenal victory against Rodrigo Vargas at UFC London last month.

He documented his massive weight-cutting ahead of the fight which shocked the fans.

However, 18 days later, Pimblett shocked the fans again by looking poles apart from how he did at the event.

He posted a video in his YouTube showing his massive gain and titled it "Paddy the fatty is back"

In the video he documented his lifestyle post fight, where he was seen junk binging upto 11,000 calories in a day.

While he competes in the lightweight division at 155lbs, in the video he weighed whopping 202lbs.

Pimblett previously shared that he would rather be fat and happy than restrict himself to compete. 

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He also assured his fans that he'll get back in shape in no time.


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