They Need to Book the Judgment Day Like They Are All Gods

The Judgment Day needs a stronger booking!

The Judgment Day has emerged as one of the most exciting stables in recent times.

With WWE Hall of Famer Edge at its helm, Judgment Day has become a common name in the WWE Universe. 

However, despite credible names like Edge, Rhea Ripley, and Damien Priest, they haven't been as dominant as one might want them to look inside the WWE ring.

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While that wasn't the case at the recently concluded WWE Hell in a Cell, the company needs to make sure they continue to do the same.

For a stable that talks about passing judgement like they have been bestowed with that responsibility by some higher forces, it only makes sense they are treated like "gods".

wwe needs to book the judgment day like the bloodline

Even in the past, Edge has failed to secure a dominant win over AJ Styles, despite some incredible promos and a heated build-up.


We did see some glimpse of their dominant booking at WWE Hell in a Cell as even the combined forces of AJ Styles, Finn Balor, and Liv Morgan failed to hand them a loss.

But WWE needs to make sure they do not get distracted from that path, and slow down what has been an impressive growth for the Edge-run stable!

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