What is the Meaning of "Thug Rose"




Rose Namajunas has been talented since she was just a little kid.

Rose Namajunas and  Pat Barry


“I got it [nickname] from my neighborhood friends. When I was little, I was the only white girl, I was smaller than everyone else, and for some reason, I just acted harder than everybody else — just fearless, you know? So they kind of dubbed me that because of the intimidating scowl I always had on my face. That’s what gave me that name.”

Rose Namajunas Nicname

Rose Namajunas is fondly referred to as "Thug Rose." Needless to say, we ca still hear Daniel Cormier scream "Thug Rose" at the top of his voice when she won the UFC's strawweight championship.

Thug Rose Namajunas

Rose recalls how she got her nickname Thug Rose. Namajunas says her neighborhood friends gave her the nickname "Thug" because she would act tough and carry a scowl on her face all the time.

Rose Namajunas is a one-time UFC Strawweight Champion with a successful title defense.


Rose Namajunas husband

Rose Namajunas is engaged to former UFC fighter and longtime boyfriend Pat Barry. The couple are expected to marry sometime in the near future.

UFC Flyweight Champion