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$355 Million Rich Andrew Tate Is the Biggest "Fraud" Ever: Logan Paul

By: Alok Nayak

Image credit: YouTube

The possibility of fans witnessing Andrew Tate vs the Paul Brothers is really high now despite Tate being cancelled not so long ago.

Jake Paul recently teased a boxing match against Andrew Tate while Logan Paul called out "Top G" for a MMA fight.

One thing is clear that both the Paul brothers do not like Andrew Tate and how he has managed to become one of the most talked about celebrity on internet.

In a recent podcast with UFC star, Sean O'Malley, Logan Paul got brutally honest about Andrew Tate and his controversial opinions.

"This Tate thing is a lot. There is a lot of bulls**t. He is one of the most brilliant frauds we have seen in a very long time."- Logan Paul stated

"He is so good at articulating. He is smart and cunning as f**k. And so many people have bought into the scheme. It's ridiculous."- Logan Paul said about Tate's rise in 2022

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Logan Paul made it clear that he never liked Andrew Tate and he hated Tate's misogonist and controversial point of views.

Andrew Tate is a multi millionare and has built an business empire that is worth over $355 million. But, he has not been able to earn Logan Paul's respect.

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