TJ  Dillashaw  Tattoos

The Former 2 time Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw is widely regarded as one of the Greatest Bantamweight to ever step foot inside the octagon. Let's have a look at his infamous right hand tattoos. 

'The Clock" Tattoo

TJ Dillashaw has a clock tattoo on his right forearm near the wrist area. It was Dillashaw's  2nd tattoo and it's hour hand points towards 5'o clock. It signifies  "The Race Against Time" 

This Tiger Tattoo signifies Dillashaw's Bantamweight Title Triumph as The King of the World

"The Snake with Butterfly"

TJ Dillashaw was nicknamed "The Snake" by Conor McGregor and this name is widely accepted in the MMA community too. So, Dillashaw  honoured it by making this Snake tattoo after UFC 217 Title win. Hence this Snake tattoo with cross arrow signifies  the emblem of Muay Thai.

"The Infinity" Tattoo

This tattoo by TJ has a globe with snakes all around, which signifies the Infinity Sign. On top of the Infinity Sign, there is a Rose which according to Dillashaw represents "How fragile life is".

"DEER" & "AN EYE" Tattoo

Dillishaw grew up regularly doing hunting. Hence, he did this deer tattoo to honour his hunting practice.  The 'EYE tattoo' is actually the eye of his wife, Rebecca Dillashaw, So that she will never be away from her site.


"Athena" is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy. TJ made this so that she could guide him inside the octagon.

"Athena" Tattoo