Tony Ferguson Breaks Silence After Brutal KO Loss to Michael Chandler

Fans witnessed one of the most brutal knockouts at UFC 274.

Michael Chandler knocked out Tony Ferguson in a brutal fashion with a front kick.

The first round between the two was very competetive.

Fans even thought that the old Tony Ferguson is back, who once looked unstoppable in the lightweight division.

However, Chandler ruined the party for all the El Cucuy fans with second round KO.

It was a horrifying scene to watch Tony Ferguson get knocked out like that.

Fortunately, Ferguson was discharged from hospital after the fight and there was no serious health concern.

Followng the loss, Tony Ferguson issued a statement and congratulated Michael Chandler on the win.

This is certainly not the end of Ferguson's UFC career and even Dana White agrees with that notion.

But, whether he can beat the elite UFC lightweights after such a brutal loss will be intriguing to watch.