Tony Ferguson Made a Big Mistake By Accepting Michael Chandler Fight 

A few years ago, Tony Ferguson was one of the best lightweights in UFC.

With a phenomenal 11-fight win streak, Tony Ferguson was on his way to face the former lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

However, Tony Ferguson is now on a three-fight losing streak. And he takes on Michael Chandler, who is a tough opponent at this point of his career.

Tony Ferguson takes on Michael Chandler on the main card of UFC 274 and it will be three-round fight, which does not favor El Cucuy at all.

Tony Ferguson has lost to Charles Oliveria and Beneil Dariush in his last two fight, which were 3 rounds matchups.

Tony Ferguson's cardio and durability are his biggest weapons inside the octagon.

Though we have not seen the wild and violent Tony Ferguson in his last three fights he has shown incredible toughness inside the octagon.

And if it was a five rounds fight, Tony Ferguson would have had a lot more success in the later rounds.

Michael Chandler slowed down significantly in the third round of the Justin Gaethje fight.

In a 5 round striking matchup, Ferguson certainly would have had lot more chances to beat Michael Chandler.

However, in a three round matchup Chandler is likely to win the fight.

Tony Ferguson might make a comeback in the third round or the second round. But, Chandler is very likely to win the first two rounds.

Regardless, this will certainly be a fun fight for the fans. However, the fans of El Cucuy might get disappointed again at UFC 274.