Tony Ferguson Makes a Big Request at the UFC 274 Press-Conference

Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson will return to the Octagon after almost an year away from the cage to take on Michael Chandler at UFC 274.

Tony Ferguson demands health insurance for fighters

We have seen a different face of Tony Ferguson the lead-up to UFC 274.

Tony Ferguson slams UFC 

During the Media Day ahead of UFC 274, Ferguson had slammed the promotion for their unfair fighter pay.

Once again, Ferguson brought out the topic and requested the UFC to provide health insurance to their fighters.

Ferguson opined the need of health insurance so fighters can take care of their family.

"I'd say let's get some insurance for these fighters. Let's raise the tier up, you know what I mean, when they did the Reebok deal, they had tiers for how many fights you had inside the Octagon. I'd say we do the same thing man! We all have have family, we all have to support our system." Ferguson said during the pre-fight press-conference.

The notion of health insurance was further strengthened by Justin Gaethje who also chipped in, along with a bigger bonus for POTN and FOTN.

UFC should have health insurance for fighters!

If not for the fighters, UFC wouldn't have been where they are at right now, and it only makes sense for the promotion to pay back to their fighters.