Tony Ferguson Shares a Throwback Video of The Ultimate Fighter

The "El Cucuy" Tony Ferguson is the Boogeyman of the UFC Lightweight division and is one of the top fan favorite fighters. Here's a throwback at Ferguson's TUF House Moments.

TUF-Season 13

The Season-13 of "The Ultimate Fighter" was set to headline by the coaches Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos. With the star power that Lesnar had pushing the season, So a lot off eye balls were on the featured fighters.

Ferguson was the breakout star in TUF-13, winning all 4 of his fights and was awarded the 6-figure UFC contract.

Tough times at TUF

TUF has given some of the most heated exchanges inside the house. Same was the case with Season 13, When Charlie Rader pored water on Tony's head, Ferguson asked him "Where's your kid?". It went too personal as Charlie was in a heated custody battle for his kid and was very emotional about it.

Tony Ferguson considers Brock Lesnar  as his Coach & Mentor

The El Cucuy will forever go down as one of the greatest lightweights to ever step foot inside the octagon. As he once had a 12 fight win streak, but was unable to get a Undisputed UFC Lightweight Title shot. But in 2016 Tony had a taste of the Interim Lightweight Title, when Conor McGregor was out for a boxing match. Tony became the Interim Champion by submitting Keven Lee. 

"The Tony Time"

The Dream Fight!!!