Let’s look at the top 5 moments 

The Elimination Chamber Live Premium Event just took place in Saudi Arabia.

The event was one of the best shows WWE’s has produced and without a doubt, the Best Show in Saudi Arabia.

Let’s look at the top 5 moments

The Miz hints at a new tag team partner

Miz lost to Rey Mysterio thanks to Dominik Mysterio

The Miz said that he will be bringing someone to even the odds

The Miz said he is a Global Superstar

This begs the question, who will be Miz’s recruitment?

Will it be Cody Rhodes?

The Women showcase their strengths

Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley wanted to outperform each other

Belair and Ripley hit a delayed Suplex at the same time

Both had a good back and forth to loud cheers from the crowd

A Brutal F-5

Lesnar dominated the main event

In the final stages of the match, Lesnar hit a brutal F-5 onto Austin Theory from the top of the Chamber Pod

This was an incredible spot and Theory sold the spot to the best of his ability

Goldberg taps out for the first time

Goldberg wrestled Roman Reigns for the Universal Title

Roman locked in the guillotine forcing Goldberg to tap out

This is the first-time-ever that Goldberg tapped out

Thank You Lita

Lita faced Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship

For not having wrestled a singles match in 16-years, Lita put on one hell of a show

After the match, the fans showed their respect for Lita with a Standing Ovation


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