"Tribal Piece of S**t" - Roman Reigns Has Found His Next Opponent

It looks like we have the next opponent for Roman Reigns.

Earlier, there were reports that Riddle could be Reigns' next opponent for Money in the Bank.

RK-Bro recently dropped their SmackDown tag-team titles against The Usos. However, it did not come with some help from Roman Reigns.

As far as the recent promo for Riddle on RAW is concerned, he must have definitely earned the attention of The Tribal Chief.

"For The Usos to win that way and to have Roman, that backstabbing piece of trash. The guy that considers himself a mountain. That guy is nothing but a tribal piece of trash." Riddle said on the latest episode of RAW.

"And I assure you, I will get my vengeance on Roman, on Jey, and on Jimmy, and on anybody who is part of The Bloodline. By the end of my career, I swear I will get my vengeance." He further added.

Roman Reigns reportedly missing Hell in a Cell!

If reports are to be believed, Roman Reigns will skip WWE Hell in a Cell later this month. However, it's already confirmed that he will take part in the Money in the Bank premium live event next month.

Scribbled Underline

Additionally, with Randy Orton out due to injury, it makes for an interesting idea for Riddle to go one-on-one against Roman Reigns.

How do you think riddle vs randy orton plays out?

It goes without saying, it's going to one exciting match-up between Riddle and Roman Reigns. However, it's safe to say that Riddle is not coming out victoriously in this one.


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