By: Jeron Jacob

Triple H Reveals That He Is Scared Of His Wife, Stephanie McMahon

Recently WWE's head of creative, Triple H was featured as a guest on Logan Paul's "IMPAULSIVE" podcast.

During the podcast, the WWE legend spoke about many topics regarding the company including his wife, Stephanie McMahon.

As the podcast went on Logan Paul wanted to ask about Stephanie McMahon, to this Triple H gave a hilarious reply.

He said, "If you want her to whip your a** then go ahead. I'm scared of her, you should be too. You've been hit hard, her slap will take your eye out of your head, I'm just saying."

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After Vince McMahon announced his retirement, both Triple H and Stephanie Macmahon were given extra responsibility to take the company to further heights.

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The WWE legend told Logan Paul that replacing Vince McMahon was a huge task and couldn't even dream of filling those shoes.

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He also added that they have a massive team, it's never going to be one person, and to fulfill the task they all have to work together.

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As Vince McMahon parted ways from WWE will Triple H, Stephanie McMahon be able to take the company to new heights?

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