By: Rahul V Krishnan

Triple H Doesn’t Want Blood In WWE, Wants Safety Of Superstars 

Image Credit: WWE

Triple H in an interview with Ringer on Monday announced that this year’s Survivor Series will bring the War games match to the main roster.

War games is one of the most popular match stipulations in the WWE right now as it received a lot of praise during Triple H’s NXT days.

In the same interview Triple H was asked about bleeding during wrestling matches as blood was one major component of the war games matches in the past.

The WWE has not used blood much in the past few years while rival promotions like AEW, Impact etc use it during big matches most of the time.

Triple H said that he won’t be letting his superstars bleed during matches because he wants to protect his talents.

He also said that times have changed and it is not worth having someone bleed live on TV and he has talked people out of it in the past.

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Triple H’s new version of the WWE is getting a lot of praise in recent times but him saying that he won’t be bringing blood back to the product might upset some fans.

WWE Survivor Series War Games will happen on November 26th 2022 from Boston and will have two War Game matches on the card.

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