By: Nikhil Chauhan

Triple H Employs New Strategy Ignored for Years by Vince McMahon

Image Credit: WWE

Triple H is the new head of creative 

Ever since Vince McMahon's retirement, Triple H has taken the position of the new Head of Creatives and the WWE fans absolutely love it.

As the new Head of Creatives, Triple H is doing a lot of things right already. With Dakota Kai back in the ring, fans' expectations have only increased.

Amid all this, Triple H has silently employed a new strategy to WWE programming which was ignored for years by Vince McMahon.

Cliffhangers are back in WWE! Yes, you heard that right. While quite common in TV programming, WWE seemed to have forgotten that cliffhangers play a huge role.

Brush Stroke

It makes the viewers tune in for the next episode, and leaves something for the audience to ponder upon as the week progresses.

Image Courtesy: WWE

Seth's attack on Riddle, the return of Karrion Kross, and Dexter's arrival hint at the return of cliffhangers in WWE.

While the show must go on for the live viewers present inside the arena, for TV programming, it's a great way to keep the audience hooked.

fans love triple h's work

It's safe to say, we will see more such sequences and segments in the WWE going forward, and heading into Clash at the Castle.

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