By: Rahul V Krishnan

Triple H Has Advise For $500 Million Rich UFC President Dana White

Image Credit: WWE and UFC

Triple H is considered one of the all-time greats in a WWE ring as he has won multiple world championships and has had so many amazing matches.

The King of Kings is currently the head of creative and talent relations in the WWE and has been receiving a lot of praise for his booking of the product.

WWE recently held a press conference to announce Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul match for crown jewel and after the press conference, Triple H was taking questions from journalists.

One question asked was Triple H’s thoughts regarding today’s MMA and boxing products and what can be done to make them better.

Triple H in response said that both MMA and Boxing could benefit if they decide to add a bit more show to their product.

He said if these big fight events could make their product like a spectacle then it could entertain the fans from start to finish.

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The Game also said that this is just his opinion and it doesn’t mean that he is right but this is the way that he would go about doing business.

Triple H has already announced two big WWE events as Crown Jewel and Survivor Series War games premium live events will happen in the month of November.

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