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Triple H Makes a Huge Blunder With Rising WWE Star Austin Theory

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE and Twitter

Money in the bank winner Austin Theory on this week's Monday night Raw made a fool out of himself by failing to cash in his briefcase on Seth Rollins.

Theory, who had a chance to cash in his briefcase on any current champion in the company, decided to use it on Seth Rollins' United States championship.

Rollins, who was holding an open challenge for the United States Championship, was attacked by Bobby Lashley before the match even started.

Austin Theory then decided to take advantage of the situation by cashing in his championship opportunity on an injured Seth Rollins.

Theory failed to win the title after Lashley interfered again and took out the former NXT star. This led to Rollins picking up the win and keeping his championship.

Theory in the past tried multiple times to cash in the briefcase on Roman Reigns but was never able to do so. At Clash at the Castle it was Tyson Fury who stopped Theory from cashing in.

Triple H and the WWE creative team received a lot of criticism from the fans for wasting the money in the bank briefcase on a mid-card championship.

The segment helped WWE turn Seth Rollins into a babyface but Austin Theory's character was massively buried live on TV.

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