By: Anurag Khandare

Triple H Making a Huge Mistake Trying to Create the Next Stone Cold

Image Credit: WWE

Royal Rumble 2023 is on its way. This event will witness championship title matches as well as the Royal Rumble main event that may set the stage on fire.

Roman Reigns is the undisputed WWE Universal Champion for the last two years. Keven Owens will face Roman in the Upcoming main event hoping to end the tribal chief reign.

The Prizefighter was also present on RAW XXX this week, where he addressed the upcoming title match before delivering a Stunner to The Miz.

However, former WWE head writer Vince Russo slammed WWE for booking  KO as the modern Steve Austin who delivers 'stunner' to everybody present in the ring. 

In an interview with Sportskeeda, Russo said, "Does this guy actually think he's Steve Austin? Because he's not Steve Austin.' As a matter of fact, he's a far cry from [him]. I hate them painting him in a Steve Austin role."

"I'm telling you, that's how casual fans perceive it, for him to come in and be stunning everybody. He's not Austin, bro. He'll never be Austin. Why would you want to put a guy in a position like that?" Russo further added.

The latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown featured Sami facing his arch-rival Kevin in a singles match when the Usos and Solo Sikoa interrupted and attacked Owens.

It will be interesting to see how the Prizefighter will seek revenge and whether he actually dethrones the Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns.

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