Triple H Officially Changes Vince McMahon’s Brainchild After His Retirement  

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H has made another huge change in the WWE by renaming a long-running WWE premium live event.

He announced during the latest Q3 earnings call that the Survivor Series premium live event will be called Survivor Series: War Game from now onwards.

The much-anticipated match stipulation War games is also making its debut in the main roster thanks to the new WWE head of creative.

Triple H while he was running the NXT brand has had huge success with the War games stipulation as he was able to book amazing matches inside the cage on a yearly basis.

Survivor series is known for its traditional Survivor series match stipulation where 10 people compete in a 5-on-5 elimination tag team match.

In previous years the premium live event has been following a Raw vs Smackdown format where the champions of each brand faced off against each other alongside the traditional Survivor series match.

The brand war format has been receiving a lot of criticism from fans in the past years as WWE rarely built up the matches leading to the premium live event.

WWE are yet to announce the match cards for this year's Survivor series war games but the expectations are really high for Triple H's new show and fans expect the Game to deliver.

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