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Triple H Ready To Kick Roman Reigns Out From The Red Brand To Bring WWE Championship To Raw

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credits: WWE

Roman Reigns currently holds the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship which he won at this year’s Wrestlemania where he defeated Brock Lesnar to unify the two World titles.

This move came as a big surprise to most fans as no one expected WWE to move in a direction to have one single person holding both belts and being on both shows.

As Roman Reigns is working a limited schedule he is unable to appear on both Raw and Smackdown, the titles are rarely on weekly TV and the fans are criticising this decision to unify the belts.

After Triple H took over from Vince, the company seems to be moving in a different direction as the shows are more wrestling-oriented and there are so many positive changes.

According to Xero news, The new head of creative is trying to come up with a solution for the world titles as Raw does not have a top champion as Reigns is a Smackdown member.

According to Xero news, the plan now is to have Triple H appear on Raw and demand Roman to work Raw regularly or vacate one of his championships.

This in a way will protect Reigns from being pinned as they can take the title off him smoothly. A new tournament to crown a new champion is also rumoured to take place.

Having Reigns drop one of his titles will be a good move as Raw currently does not have a World champion despite having a brilliant talent pool.

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