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Triple H Removes Old Character From WWE Roster, Big Plans Ahead

By: Jeron Jacob

According to a few reports, Ezekiel has been removed from the internal talent roster by WWE and it is known that the company has new plans for him.

This news seems to be quite weird because Ezekiel made his debut in WWE recently in the month of April as Elias' younger brother.

The WWE star had an argument with Kevin Owens. He refused to believe the storyline where Ezekiel was Elias' brother and he was Elias.

The report given by  PWInsider mentioned that Ezekiel will no longer be a part of the internal talent roster and will be replaced by his brother Elias.

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The report said, "Ezekiel is no longer listed internally on the WWE's roster. The character was replaced last week with his original persona, Ezekiel's 'older brother' Elias."

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The report also added that Elias' character will be returning to the Raw roster while Ezekiel, who was written out due to 'injuries', will fade into the darkness.

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In his last match on RAW Ezekiel locked horns against Kevin Owens in the ring and was defeated by Kevin which resulted in him getting injured.

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With Ezekiel being injured it is unlikely for him to return. Do you think that Triple H will bring him back to the storyline or will he bring back Elias?

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