By: Alok Nayak

True Geordie Forced to Apologise After Insulting Andrew Tate and Islam

Image Credit: YouTube

British YouTuber True Geordie, who has over 2 Million subscribers, recently made a racist comments after Andrew Tate converted to Islam.

The racist joke did not sit well with fans as well as Andrew Tate, who trashed the YouTuber for disrespecting a religion.

"Making ignorant jokes about f*cking, blowing ourselves up. Thinking that it's gonna go without consequence. You're gonna learn very quickly my friend, that was a mistake."- Tate responded

Andrew Tate also stated that True Geordie also disrespected his female employees and admitted that he does not like the British YouTuber at all.

"There are very few people I personally dislike, and one of them is True Geordie. he is a D**k head, he is not very smart."- Tate said

Since then True Geordie has come out and apologised to the fans for his distasteful comments about Islam religion.

However, he did not seem apologetic to Andrew Tate and was still criticising Tate in his Apology video on YouTube titled "I am sorry".

Fans do not think True Geordie's apology was sincere and claimed that he is scared of getting cancelled after his racist remarks.

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