Michael Chandler Reveals How He Will Beat Tony Ferguson

It's one thing to say that the best days of Tony Ferguson are behind us, but another to to take him for granted.

TOny Ferguson is still dangerous, believes Michael Chandler.

Ahead of one of the most exciting match-up in the form of Michael Chandler vs Tony Ferguson, the former gives his views on El Cucuy.


Chandler appeared on DC&RC and shared his game-plan to beat Tony Ferguson come UFC 274.

Heading into the fight, Chandler opined how Tony Ferguson is a special fighter, claiming how none of the training partners he has worked with around the world, have been able to emulate El Cucuy and his fighting style.


Michael Chandler says he will not look to finish Tony Ferguson with a sense of urgency!

I think I just got to go out there and put together a game plan. Bit down on my mouth piece, put pressure on him, like I always do. Manage the distance, be fast, be strong, be athletic, and let my training take over." Chandler said.

"Go out there, and listen to my coaching staff and I believe I go out there, I will be looking for a finish, but I won't be going out there but I will not be over-exerting myself to get the finish." He further added.


Do you think Michael Chandler can stop Tony Ferguson in a three round fight?




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