By: Alok Nayak

UFC Champion Mocks Joe Rogan After His Controversial Allegations

Image Credit: UFC

Recently, Joe Rogan made a comment about the UFC middleweight champion, Alex Pereira's weight that has started a controversy in the MMA world.

Joe Rogan said that Pereira's weight on the fight night was way more than Adesanya's and he called it "Sanctioned cheating".

Alex Pereira weighed in at 184.6 lbs for his title fight at UFC 281. But, he gained a lot of weight and looked much bigger than Israel Adesanya.

Not just Alex Pereira but many UFC fighters and champions have done this in the past including the likes of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

And this upsets UFC commentator, Joe Rogan as he talked about it in the recent episode or JRE podcast.

Well, Alex Pereira is unfazed with Joe Rogan's accusations. He even fired back at Rogan with a video of him revealing his real weight.

In the video, Alex Pereira revealed he weighs at 228 lbs after 6 days of his title fight against Israel Adesanya. Pereira's post said "legally cheating".

Alex Pereira's weight and size is certainly a problem for all the UFC middleweight. However, there are a few fighters who can beat him in the octagon due to his weakness in wrestling.

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