UFC doubles up on security for  Covington vs Masvidal

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Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal came face to face for the first time ahead of UFC 272 in the pre-fight press-conference.

Needless to say, things got really heated, as verbal warfare ensued between former friends turned bitter rivals.


The UFC had to double up the security as both the fighters made their presence felt at UFC 272 pre-fight press-conference.

"Teammates, roommates, friends, cornerman, these guys go way back." - Dana White said in the press-conference.



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Both Masvidal and Covington share genuine bad blood with each other, and it was quite evident during the press-conference.

Former friends turned bitter enemies, Covington and Masvidal used to be training partners. However, things fell apart after Covington allegedly did not pay Masvidal's striking coach, Paulino Hernandez.

Who will win between covington and masvidal?

It's an exciting match-up and one that could really go both ways considering the experience of both the welterweights.