By: Alok Nayak

UFC Fighter and His Wife Get Death Threats From Khabib's Fans

Image Credit: UFC

UFC welterweight, Sean Brady fought Belal Muhammad in his last fight at UFC 280, which took place in Abu Dhabi.

Belal Muhammad was training with Khabib Nurmagomedov, who has a massive fan following, for his fight against Sean Brady.

Often fans can be a bit ruthless towards the athlete leading upto fights. And that's what happened with Sean Brady who was going up against Khabib's student.

Sean Brady was unbeaten going into UFC 280 and he admitted after the fight that he was in a lot of pressure. And the death threats from fans did not help him.

Sean Brady is married to Kristen Green. The UFC fighter admitted that dealing with the fan hate was not easy for him and his wife.

"Someone messaged (my wife) and said that if I won the fight against Belal that they would kill me and bury me in the desert. It was pretty bad."- Sean Brady stated

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After the fight, Brady has a record of 15-1, and he is still a top ranked fighter in the UFC welterweight division.

However, he will have to get on another impressive winning streak in order to get a title shot at 170 division.

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