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UFC Fighters Comes Out as Bisexual, Gets Slammed by Sean Strickland

By: Ujan Chakraborty Image credit: UFC

The 25-year-old American UFC flyweight fighter Jeff Molina came out as bisexual after an intimate video of him was leaked online. He gave his side of the story before the controversy could grow any longer.

He tweeted about the leaked video, saying that he didn't want to come out since the UFC fan base is homophobic, and moreover, he wanted to be known for his work inside the Octagon.

UFC middleweight fighter Sean Strickland made some highly controversial remarks. He took his opinion about Molina's coming-out story to Twitter and made some mocking comments on it. 

He wrote, "Jeff Molina suspended indefinitely for rigging fights, ruining MMA. Everyone "POS". Jeff Molina "I may of sucked a c**k" Everyone "you’re so brave".

He claimed that Molina's decision to come out now had something to do with the recent betting scandal, saying, "Bro we don’t care that you f**k dudes its 2023 we care that you’re a pos cheater."

Molina is suspended from the UFC as his coach, James Krause, is accused of allegedly fixing fights. Sean thinks that Molina planned to leak the video at this time only to gain some publicity.

However, Molina chose to answer Sean. He wrote, "Temporarily suspended until the investigation is over. I didn't rig shit but I hope this encourages you, Bubba, to come out as well."

Jeff Molina is the first openly bisexual male fighter in the UFC. Many fans are praising him for taking such a brave step despite negativity all around the social media.  

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