UFC Fighters Who Have Hinted at a Move to WWE

There are several UFC fighters who have later transitioned into the world of pro-wrestling. However, the number of fighters who have gone to the UFC from WWE can be counted on the fingers.

The likes of CM Punk and Brock Lesnar comes to mind when you think about WWE superstars who have competed inside the UFC Octagon.

While WWE to UFC is quite rare, the list of UFC fighters looking to make their move to the WWE ring later in their careers continues to grow.

There's no need to remind the fans about the heroics of Cain Velasquez against Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel. Or how Ronda Rousey has managed to make a name for herself in the pro-wrestling industry.

While former UFC fighters like Riddle, Rousey, and Lesnar enjoy their time in WWE, there are current UFC fighters who are thinking of making the move to the WWE ring in the near future.

Israel Adesanya is arguably the biggest fan of pro-wrestling right now. Add to his popularity, and his skills on the microphone, there's no denying he will be a huge deal in WWE.

While he has no explicitly stated it, Adesanya has hinted at a possible move to WWE when he is done with UFC.

Colby Covington is another UFC fighter who could look to move to the WWE. Covington has expressed his interest, and definitely is made for WWE considering he is playing a gimmick even inside the UFC Octagon.

Julianna Pena has challenged Ronda Rousey on several occasion despite the latter's move to the WWE. Needless to say, she could look to capitalize from this rivalry with a showdown inside the WWE ring.

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