UFC in Canada Not Possible Right Now - White Blames Mandatory Vaccination

UFC President Dana White has been quite clear on his stand on Covid-19 ever since the outbreak.

UFC was the first sport to come back to TV after the pandemic brought a halt to sporting events around the world.

Despite the criticism, White held his opinion and made sure the UFC continued even during the stringent times during the onset of the pandemic.

Once again, White has made his stand on Covid-19 vaccination clear, and how UFC plans to function at a time when vaccination has become mandatory to a huge extent.

UFC will return to Canada?

UFC returns this weekend in Singapore, and has events lined up in England as well. Talking about having UFC travel to Canada, UFC President Dana White did not look too confident.


“I think that in Canada right now, we’d need a fully vaccinated card. Everybody on the card has to be vaccinated." White continued, “Yeah, that’s the problem.” He said.

White made it clear that there's a "problem" with countries requiring mandatory vaccination in order for fighters to compete and he is willing to wait longer for things to get back to normal in these areas.

As it stands right now, UFC fighters are not forced to  undergo vaccination in order for them to compete inside the Octagon.

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