UFC Introduces New Rule Weeks Ahead of UFC 274

UFC's new rule!

Marlon Chito Vera sheds light on UFC's new rule.

No flags allowed during walkout to the Octagon.

UFC fighters disbarred from using their country flags

It goes without saying, fighters love to pay their respect to their homeland, fighting on the biggest stage in the world of mixed martial arts.

UFC fighters draped in their country flag has become a common sighting. 

However, that won't be the case heading into UFC 274. 

While UFC hasn't officially announced the same, UFC Bantamweight Chito Vera suggested a possible reason for the same.

In conversation with Jose Luis Santacruz, Chito Vera opined how he was not allowed to walkout with his country flag of Ecuador, possibly because of the on-going conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Why did the UFC ban country flags during walkouts?

It makes sense considering the ingoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, the UFC has given no reason on the ban, and has silently advised all their fighters to not make the walk to the Octagon with the flag.