UFC is Secretly Booking Conor McGregor's Next Fight; Says Chael Sonnen

Former title challenger Chael Sonnen reports that UFC is secretly trying to book Conor McGregor's next fight.

UFC secretly booking Conor McGregor vs Kamaru Usman!

“I am being told that Leon has been offered his show and his win, whatever was negotiated for Leon to fight Kamaru is being offered to him." Sonnen said.


Conor McGregor has expressed his desire to face kamaru Usman and wants to make his return against the welterweight champ.

Sonnen also revealed that Leon Edwards is being paid to step aside in order to make way for Conor McGregor to take on Kamaru Usman in his return fight.

‘We will mail you a cheque to step aside. We have the right to push you aside, (but) we don’t want any hard feelings. And, we acknowledge that you deserve this. So, we are going to send you what you agreed on and you get to stay home.’ With the belief being that Conor’s gonna step in.” Sonnen claims.


Leon Edwards is next for the title shot and is expected to take on Kamaru Usman later this year. However, there has been no official confirmation of the same.


Meanwhile, Conor McGregor continues to tease his return to the UFC's welterweight division.