UFC Legend Threatens to Beat up John Cena After He Tweets Another Quote

By: Rahul V Krishnan Image credit: WWE

UFC legend Chael Sonnen decided to continue his rivalry with WWE superstar John Cena after attacking him on social media.

John Cena who usually Tweets motivational quotes recently Tweeted: "We cannot control the choices of others, we can control how we react to them."

Sonnen decided to co-tweet the tweet with the caption: "I cannot control John Cena's bad writers, but I CAN beat up John Cena"

The Future WWE Hall of Famer on Monday posted a picture of him with a fan dressed as Cena on Halloween with the caption: "WTF just met John Cena!"

Sonnen immediately co-tweeted the image and said: "CENA, Blue is NOT your color, Even that pudgy dude in the pink shirt w/you in the pic should tell you that"

This is not the first time Sonnen has fired shots at Cena as the former UFC star has openly criticized Cena for posting motivational quotes on his Twitter account.

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John Cena meanwhile is yet to respond to Sonnen but the UFC star recently said that the reason why he hates Cena is that he uses steroids and gets away with it.

Cena is currently one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and it'll be interesting to see if the two are building a future match with each other or whether this is a real-life shoot.

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