The Journey of Francis Ngannou  Cameroon  to  USA

Francis Ngannou’s story from the backdrops of a small village in Cameroon to arguably the most ferocious fighter the world of mixed martial arts has ever seen is nothing less than a Hollywood movie that deserves all the credit and acclaim. The rise of Francis Ngannou is an inspiration to the entire world to say nonetheless and speaks volumes about his character.

Needless to say, the stats indicate that the power at which Ngannou hits his opponent inside the Octagon is equivalent to being hit by a Ford Escort. Intriguing and dangerous!

Francis Ngannou Childhood

Francis Ngannou’s childhood Ngannou grew up in the small town of Batie, located in the western province of Cameroon. Francis did not have a happy childhood, his father was abusive and would beat him and his mother.

Fracnis Ngannou's Mother

Ngannou was raised by his single mother and spent most of his time taking care of her. The Predator learned early, the responsibilities of a man and started working in the field at a very young age.

Francis Ngannou's education

Ngannou talks about how he would go hungry for an entire day sometimes because he had nothing to eat, no money to buy food. He would work in the minefield on the weekends, on national holidays. Francis wouldn’t even go to his hometown during the winter holidays and tried to do everything to contribute to his family.

Ngannou's Journey from Cameroon to USA

Ngannou realized early that there was no way he was going to change his family’s life by living in Cameroon. He decided to move to America with just one dream, to become a world champion.