Conor mocks Khabib's induction into the Hall of Fame


Khabib Nurmagomedov was recently inducted into the hall of fame.

His record of 29-0-0 makes him one of the best Lightweights in the history of the UFC.

Khabib's old rival McGregor recently took a dig at him.

Conor mocked the fact that Khabib got inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Conor took a screenshot of the Hall of Fame event during the moment Khabib was on stage. At that moment UFC showed an image of Proper No.12 Whiskey(Conor's whiskey company) with Khabib's face in the background.

Conor posted the image on his Twitter.

"Proper Twelve, proud maker of the ufc hof show! Call me The HOFF" - tweeted Conor along with the image.

Fans found the tweet and the stunt by UFC quite hilarious. The rivalry between the two doesn't seem to die down with the two mocking each other at every chance they get.

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