UFC Walkouts Will Never Be the Same After This Restriction From UFC

There are some fighters in UFC who are known for their iconic walkouts.

Conor McGregor walking out with the Irish flag in his hands while the Irish fans are cheering for him is nothing less of a spectacle.

Besides Conor McGregor, Kamaru Usman also dances his way into the octagon with a Nigerian flag.

Colby Covington, Max Holloway, and Alexander Volkanovski also walk out with their national flags.

However, the fans are not going to see that sight again as per the new guidelines from UFC.

During the UFC 274 press conference, it was revealed that UFC fighters will not be able to walk out with their national flags.

When a reporter asked the reason behind it Dana White did not entertain the question and gave a furious reply.

"You guys know why. Let's not even play that f***g game."- Dana White

The reason behind this move by UFC is still unknown.

But, it's needless to say that many fighters and the fans will not be happy with the decision.