UFC What If: If Conor McGregor Had Lost to a Full Camp Chad Mendes

Conor McGregor's journey to the UFC title is one of the best storylines in combat sports history.

McGregor ran through the UFC featherweight division and secured a 13-second KO over Jose Aldo, who was unbeaten, for a decade.

Conor McGregor would then go on to become the first ever UFC two division champion by beating Eddie Alvarez.

After Jose Aldo pulled out of his fight against McGregor at UFC 189, Chad Mendes replaced him on short notice.

Chad Mendes had Conor McGregor in a lot of trouble with his wrestling. Even in the second round, Mendes had his moments on the ground.

However, Mendes was exhausted after the high paced early minutes of the fight and McGregor was able to finish the fight in the second round.

Many fans believe that with a full camp Chad Mendes could have beaten Conor McGregor at UFC 189, halting the hype behind him before the Jose Aldo fight.

McGregor vs Aldo is one of the biggest title fights in UFC history and the 13 second KO after weeks of antiques and trash talk made McGregor the biggest star of the sport.

But, what would have happened if McGregor had lost to Mendes at UFC 189?