Venus Williams Raises Voice for Equal Pay between Men and Women

Venus Williams has provided a huge highlight on the unequal wages for women during the ongoing Women’s History Month.

Venus Williams, throughout the course of her professional tennis career, has advocated for equal pay between men and women.

In this particular context, she said, “I remember when we got equal prize money. It finally happened,”

While speaking on her 2007 Wimbledon Win, Venus Williams said, “It was hard because I was still ready to fight. We’d been fighting so long, but it was time to put the picket sign away.

Venus Williams is also leading the Eleven group which leads The Privilege Tax Initiative.

On this, she said, “It's our second year, and it's been a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness and to help at the grassroots level and extremely rewarding.”

“It's our favourite time of the year as a team and my personal favourite because, of course, we're pro-woman,”

Venus Williams has partnered with the Credit Karma company to spread awareness on Equal Pay Day.