Venus Williams Reveals Her Family Traditions

Venus and Serena Williams have almost conquered everything in the tennis world together as well as individually.

To achieve this success, both of them have faced many difficulties but always had their parents beside them.

Their parents have always believed in and supported them right from the beginning.

Venus Williams recently posted a video on her YouTube channel where she spoke about her sister and parents.

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Venus had said that her family's contribution to her life has helped her achieve success, for which everyone lauds her.

In the video, Venus was asked if her family followed any sorts of traditions on daily basis.


Venus replied saying, "Our tradition is more or less about gathering. We just get together all the time, like today on the group chat my niece is having a wedding, so Serena asked oh there's gonna be tasting in august can anyone make it."

Venus, later on, said that they always get together and do things together all over the world, which is very special.

Venus mentioned that her parents were present in all her matches which boosted her confidence and gave her the feeling that she could achieve anything.

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