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Venus Williams Winning $5350 Sent Serena Williams to the Cloud 9

By: Riha Rao Image credit: Vogue

For Venus Williams, her sister Serena was always her priority, and she never passed up an opportunity to treat her younger sister on happy occasions.

In Serena's book, 'Queen of the Court,' she spoke a lot about her sister Venus. She spoke about Venus's proud moments on the tennis court, as well as how she behaved on such occasions.

On one occasion, Serena was overjoyed when Venus, a seven-time Grand Slam champion, received her first WTA prize money of $5,350.

Serena wrote, “I can’t even tell you how happy I was for V. I was over the moon and back again. It was crazy! Stafford was ranked 58th, and the win earned Venus a whopping $5,350."

"In prize money-which was just about a fortune to her at the time. So, Venus started to look really, really rich in my eyes, and I was only too happy to let her spoil me.” Serena added happily.

Serena mentioned how their father allowed them to keep the prize money to teach them responsibility. Serena felt that Venus was capable of handling her own money.

Serena thought that because Venus has always fulfiled her wishes since she was a young girl and still had that trust and belief in her. 

Venus and Serena have always felt the need to secure one another and be there for one another at all times. This shows that their relationship is truly special.

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