Vince McMahon Exposed! Investigation Finds Disturbing Details

Vince McMahon hasn't been booed from the crowd despite the serious allegations put against him.

Every time he has come out to the WWE ring ever since he was accused, the WWE universe has only cheered for the former WWE CEO. Quite strange, in all honesty!

First reported by Wall Street Journal, McMahon was accused of hiding an alleged sexual relationship with a former WWE employee by paying her $3 million in hush money.

As many as eight law firms then came out to investigate Vince McMahon and the details that have emerged are certainly shocking.

In the latest report on Vince McMahon's alleged sexual relationships with former WWE employees, Wall Street Journal reports McMahon paid as much as $12 million to hide his wrongdoings.

One former wrestler alleges Vince McMahon forced her into having oral sex, while another claimed that she was demoted from her position in the company after refusing McMahon, Wall Street Journal reports.

$7.5 million in 2018, $1 million in 2008, $1 million in 2006 was paid by Vince McMahon to hide his alleged affair, reports Wall Street Journal.

Needless to say, these are serious allegation, and if there's any confirmation to these findings, it's safe to say both WWE and Vince McMahon are in huge trouble.

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