By: Nikhil Chauhan

Vince McMahon's Words Helped Ronda Rousey Get Over Crowd Booing Her

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Ronda Rousey's run in WWE the first time around isn't something the former UFC Champion likes to talk about.

Coming into the company as one of the most sought for athletes, Ronda Rousey wasn't received well by the WWE Universe.

Brush Stroke

And just what we would expect, the WWE Universe made it known with their loud boos, which quite evidently did not go too well with Ronda Rousey.

Image Courtesy: WWE

Rousey recalls it was former WWE boss Vince McMahon who helped her get past this dark phase of WWE career where she took the crowd reaction way too seriously.

‘They were booing me on the way out, of every stadium. And he’s like, Yeah, but they’ve forgiven you for that.’ I’m like, ‘Well, I haven’t forgiven them,’ Rousey recalls.


And he goes, ‘But it’s not about you. It’s about them.’ And to this day, Rousey has stayed true to it, and in her second run with WWE, Rousey is a star.

Rousey thanks vince mcmahon

“It was such a good point, that I’d been thinking about myself and how it relates to myself, and I was forgetting that this is a show about entertaining them."

Ronda Rousey is now a babyface, and has now stated appreciating the WWE crowd which can often be hostile towards her.

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