Vince McMahon Makes Another Appearance; Talks About John Cena

Vince McMahon appeared on the show for a second time in a row to kickstart Monday Night Raw.

Former WWE CEO has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons in the recent past.


However, that has not deterred McMahon from coming out in public and running the show despite stepping down from the position of company's CEO.

Vince McMahon is being investigated for allegedly sending $3 million to a former WWE employee with whom he's had an affair.

The investigation is still underway. Meanwhile, McMahon seems to have made it clear that its not going to stop him from what he has been doing for years and years -promote wrestling.

Vince McMahon appeared on RAW and addressed the WWE universe. The former CEO talked about John Cena, hyping the WWE fans.

Just like on SmackDown, it was a small appearance from Vince McMahon. He came, hyped up Cena's return, and left the WWE ring.

John Cena will return this weekend on SmackDown to celebrate his 20-year anniversary with the WWE.

What's so special about June 27 - the return date of John Cena is the fact that Cena made his WWE debut on the same date exactly 20 years ago.

She dropped to tears following the match, and showed her frustration by demolishing the announcer's table.

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